Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take a peek at African Presence in Mexico and Peru

Division, and the color line goes, to Peru, Mexico   skilled craftsmen, artisans, and more  Check out the miracle

Friday, February 24, 2012



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Thursday, January 26, 2012

money is it your friend or foe?

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


  We’ll give it five more seconds.  Folks in Cedar Rapids, can you hear us?  (Applause.)
Q    Good evening, Mr. President.  This is Carol from Cedar Rapids, and I’m honored to be among your volunteers.  On the cable talk shows there is talk about your administration not accomplishing anything.  However, I am a breast cancer survivor and was a social worker for 33 years before retiring, and know firsthand what a great accomplishment the Affordable Care Act is among your other achievements.  How do you respond to people who say you have not done enough?
THE PRESIDENT:  I think the main message that we’re going to have in 2012 is that we’ve done a lot but we’ve got a lot more to do, and that’s why we need another four years to get it all done. But you just mentioned the Affordable Care Act.  We know that somebody who’s had an illness like cancer, who’s a survivor, has trouble getting insurance.  Because of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are not going to be able to ban people with preexisting conditions.  That makes a direct impact on your life and your family’s life.
We know that there are 2 million young people who have insurance because of the Affordable Care Act who didn't have it before.  We know that seniors have seen discounts in their prescription drugs; they’re saving billions of dollars all across the country.  We know that preventive care, like mammograms, are now available through your insurance and they can’t arbitrarily deny you coverage right when you need care.
So that’s just on health care.  And it’s making an impact on people’s lives day to day.  But here’s the thing.  Frankly, not that many people watch cable TV.  What they do is they listen to their friends, their neighbors, their co-workers.  And that’s why what you guys are doing today at the caucus and what you will be doing every day from now until November makes such a difference. Because nobody is a better messenger for the kind of change we’re talking about than you.  You can tell a story about the difference these policies make in your life in a way that any politician in Washington -- including me -- can’t do. 
And one of the things that we learned four years ago was that when people at grassroots level are getting involved and they’re getting engaged, and they’re feeling empowered and they’re joining hands with each other -- that’s a powerful force. It can’t be stopped.  But, unfortunately, over the (inaudible) it’s not as focused and concentrated as an election campaign.  And so the forces of big money and special interests and lobbyists, they all come to the fore and the pundits and the cable TV dominates the political conversation. 
Well, you know what, fortunately in 2012 we’ve got a chance to respond.  And I will put my money on you.  I find you a lot more persuasive than anybody on cable TV, and that’s why I know we’re going to win. 
Thank you.
MR. STEWART:  Great.  Thank you very much, sir.  We appreciate your time. 
We appreciate Cedar Rapids.  We’re going to let you get back to the remainder of your caucuses, but before we go I'd be remiss if I didn't encourage everybody to sign up and volunteer.  I think shortly after we’re done with the Adobe Connect session here there will be volunteer sign-up forms.  This is a great opportunity, as the President said, to get out and engage your friends and neighbors what’s at stake and why this election is so important. 
So again, thank you all so much. 
8:27 P.M. EST